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Mares BCD The most important revolution in the design of buoyancy compensators since the introduction of the jacket style BC. Morphos is a convergence of technology that offers maximum freedom of movement and unparalleled comfort. The supporting structure is independent of the buoyancy bag, which, thanks to its unique shape, allows for an optimum distribution of air and supports divers on the surface as comfortably as in their living room armchairs, all of which folds into a compact, lightweight "cocoon".
A number of patents protect this product: Cocoon concept Armchair buoyancy bag design New backpack protection, which can be used in two positions. A special add-on makes it possible to adjust the thickness and height of the padding to suit the divers needs Integrated weights with mechanical release system (MRS) Mesh covered backing to reduce resistance to forward movement Air trim system: perfect buoyancy control, great safety and increased comfort during the dive.

Morphos also features all the characteristics required to make your dives safer and more enjoyable: Trim weight system. The option to store fixed rear weights, up to 5 lbs/2 kg per pocket (2 pockets), makes it possible to adjust buoyancy in the water as needed. Quick Adjustable System, for quick and precise cummerbund adjustment Two three-dimensional pockets whose internal volume remains constant regardless of bag inflation 50 mm swivel buckles on the shoulder straps ensure improved positioning of the BC throughout the entire dive Stainless steel rings, bent to facilitate attachment of the carabiners Chest strap: quick-release type, with two-side adjustment, to keep the shoulder straps securely in their natural position and prevent them from slipping. Oral inflator integrated inside the right pocket Swivel hose retainer, which ensures safe and optimal positioning of the console and the octopus. Buoyancy bag: double bag design, interior in extremely high strength polyurethane film, exterior in Cordura 1000 D. Two pneumatic valves and a manual valve provide perfect buoyancy control under water. The upper pneumatic valve can also be used manually as a dump valve.

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