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Scubapro BCD Glide 1000 2002 MODEL Mid range of the Glide family of Scubapro jackets, the 1000 offers a lot of the features of its big brother the 2000 but at a more economical price.
The dual material construction of the complete Glide range of BCD´s combines hard wearing 840 denier material on the harness and pockets for durability, with 420 denier used on the aircell for its superior resistance to puncturing. Mesh inserts in the pockets allow for self draining of any accumulated water to reduce the weight of the jacket on the surface The Glide 1000 also has large flapped, pleated pockets to accommodate most dive accessories which lie flat when not in use. The pockets glide around the cummerband eliminating chest squeeze, even when the jacket is fully inflated. Wide 50mm webbing and a contoured, form fitting harness produce a snug, form fitting jacket with excellent cylinder support, both underwater and on the surface. The Glide 1000 offers more comfort and security with the addition of a soft padded backpack and stainless steel D-rings. Scuba-balance tug dumps, balanced power inflator and Scubapro cinch band are provided as standard.

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