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Underwater Camera Points

At some point every diver thinks, would it not be nice to have some good pictures of what I have seen. Underwater photography can add a whole new dimesnion to your diving. The question of how serious to get about ubderwater photography is a very personal question, and really depends on how much you like photography and also what budget you have available to you for a camera setup. An underwater camera setup can be as simple as a disposable camera encased in a plastic camera shell, which only goes down to 10 meters (it is quite surprising what shots can be gained from these underwater camera). It can also be a proper special underwater camera with full lighting strobes and battery packs. There is a whole range of camera setups between these two extremes, and only the level of underwater photography that you the diver wishes to engage in can determine the correct setup for you.

One item worth considering is, a special underwater camera or an above water camera with an waterproof casing for your specific model. Several of the new digital cameras work very well with waterproof underwater casings and offer a good option for Joe Average camera buff. Whatever photography setup you end up going for, it will add something extra to your diving.

Dive Watch Basics

Although dive watches have been largely made redundant by computers, they still have a useful role to play as a backup for computer failure. A Dive watch should have a quotable depth of at least 200 meters, else the it should not be used as a dive watch. A Digital dive watch need to have a backing light so they can be read in dark conditions and also a stop watch facility to record the length of the dive. Analogue watches should have flourescent hands and numerals, so that it can be read in dark conditions. It should also have a bezel so that the dive can be timed.

One other consideration with a dive watch is the length of the watch band. A long watch band can be worn over a wetsuit or dry suit (this is a preference thing as many divers wear their watch under the wetsuit, but a long band does give you the option for you dive watch).

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