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Cressi Fins The Rondine Frogs bottom footpocket design keeps the fin on the correct axis with your leg (owing to the blade angle) for a smoother and more powerful kick with less effort.While the footpocket may look a little odd at first glance, it feels great and works beautifully.
Running nearly the fins length are high, rubber-like ridges on the blades outside edge. A pair of smaller ribs made of the blade material run down the fins center. These stiff ribs channel water onto the blade. As water streams down the leg, it continues in a smooth transition across the length of the fin. There is no water hydroplaning or skidding on either the up or down strokes. No hydroplaning means better power and control for the diver. Each kicks up and down strokes thus become power movements and drag is minimized.

This innovative footpocket design further aids in control and comfort. The pockets top edge is lined with comfortably soft, curved, rubber-like technoplastic. Its bottom portion extends back about four inches, giving support under all or most of your foot, depending upon your foot size. When your whole foot is supported, more of the power from your leg and foot is transferred to the kick. The entire footpocket is lined for protection from hard plastic edges.

It is easy to walk in Frogs as it is in the old fashioned, footpocket on top style fin. Small bar-like treads on the bottom provide traction when standing on slippery surfaces.

The plastic quick-release buckles are easy to operate, even with gloves, have a sleek finish and reliably lock the strap in place. They also rotate an impressive 300 degrees. No matter how high your arch or how high your heel strap is worn, the buckle rotates for a non-crimped, perfect fit.

A pair of medium-large Frog fins is about 8.5 inches wide, 25 inches long overall and made of ethelvinylacetate, which is simply a state of the art plastic that has good memory. The memory allows the fin to snap back into its orifinal position or angle without "going flat". This is a gentle kicking fin that delivers nice power, without inducing leg cramps. Frog fins are negative, settling to the bottom and floating vertically in the water, footpocket down.

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