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Scubapro Fins The Twin Jet Fin The highly-advanced SCUBAPRO Twin Jet Fin uses a revolutionary shape to deliver substantially more forward motion with significantly less effort than a traditional blade. The patented design allows water to flow around each of the twin blades, producing propulsion in a manner similar to a propeller. In addition, SCUBAPROs exclusive blade vents work much the same as those in the renown Jet Fin to decrease drag on the upstroke and increase forward motion on the downstroke.

Furthermore, SCUBAPROs unique extended soleplate provides a leverage platform that integrates the Twin Jet Fin with the divers foot. As a result, this remarkable fin acts as a natural extension of the leg to transfer leverage during the power stroke while minimizing the potential for foot cramps during extended use. US Sizes: S/6-8, M/8-10, L/9-12, XL/11-13

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