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Scubapro Fins Patented Tri-Compound Construction Optimum use of 3 different materials achieves superior performance. Patented Twin-Blade Technology Works like counter-rotating propellers to produce thrust with very little turbulence; Achieves 30% more efficiency than conventional fins. Semi-Rigid, Closed-Toe Footpocket For optimum leverage and exceptional comfort. Quick-Release Swivel Buckles For improved convenience; easy to use with gloved hands. Sizes: S/M, M/L, L/XL Tech Notes SCUBAPRO Twin Speed Fins use a similarly shaped split blade to achieve a corresponding level of power and efficiency.
The main difference between these two types of fins lies principally in their construction. While SCUBAPRO Twin Jet Fins are molded from a single compound, SCUBAPRO Twin Speed fins are actually molded from three separate yet compatible compounds, each selected for a specific function and diver benefit.

At the core of the SCUBAPRO Twin Speed Fins lies a rigid yet elastic spine, which provides the structure necessary for optimum power while creating a framework for other components. This spine incorporates "power notches" which store and release energy with each stroke. Spanning the "ribs" of this spine are soft, pre-shaped webbing sections, designed to reduce the power necessary to achieve a strong stroke. A soft, yet semi-rigid footpocket and side ribs complete the tri-compound construction by providing support and ensuring optimum comfort for extended or repeated dives.

The result of this technology is a SCUBAPRO fin with a revolutionary look and feel, one that offers an absolutely pure blend of comfort, performance and high style.

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