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Fins Basics

There are two basic choices when it comes to buying a set of fins. You can either have open footed fins, these are used with dive boots, or you can have closed footed fins. Which type of fins you choose is preference thing, closed footed fins will tend to be tighter on your foot and thus give better finnig performance. Open footed fins still work very well but the real advantage is that when you take off your fins, you still have on your dive boots, which is very useful when entering or exiting the water over rough coral or rock surfaces, which you always do with fins off.

New style fins also have other variations, including rubber inserts in the fins blade, different designs of the fin blade, and also the latest whale tip style fins. These differences don't change the fins a great deal, but do have some specific advantages in certain conditions.

Face Mask Basics

There are multiple designs of face masks for divers, but personal preference is the biggest factor affecting which one to choose. Keep in mind when selecting face masks, that as you descend, the air within the mask gets compressed and the masks needs to be equalized by exhailing through your nose. For this reason face masks which is a smaller air space is easier to dive with than one with a bigger air space. Face masks also needs to have a flexiable silicone nose piece so that you can get your fingers onto your nose to pinch it if you need to while equalizing.

Some face masks designs come with exhaust valves to allow water and air out, and while they definitely work, many divers believe them to be the first point of failure. Other points to keep in mind when selecting your mask are, a transparent skirting will allow more light in thus making the dive feel lighter. A mask tamer will make your mask float, which is particularly useful for when you lean over the side of the boat to clean your mask and drop it. (and eventually you will)

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