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Mares Dive Computers Surveyor uses a modified Haldanean-type algorithm, and its comprehensive functional capabilities enable it to manage every type of dive optimally. In addition to incorporating all functions of the leading dive computers. The Surveyor also offers many additional features.
Traditional dive functions Current depth / maximum depth achieved (on request) Dive time Remaining no-stop time at the current depth (no dec) Decompression stop times Total time to surface Water temperature Speed of ascent (expressed as a percentage of the maximum allowable ascent rate)

Surface functions Surface time Log-book facility for storing 50 dives in memory Profiles of the last 20 dives, at 20-second intervals Desaturation time display (desat) Time-to-fly (no fly) Calendar clock Air temperature Self-check Scrolling of no-stop times for planning repetitive dives Dive simulator

Alarms No decompression limit reached Excessively rapid ascent Omitted decompression stop Low battery indicator Special functions PC interface with a facility for printing out the log-book and the profile of each dive (optional) User can change the units of measurement METRIC/IMPERIAL (m/feet - °C/°F)

Hose Mounted Version 4 manually selectable altitude programs History of total number of dives History of deepest dive logged History of coldest dive logged History of total dive hours Display backlight, timed or permanently illuminated (using push-button controls) No loss of memory during battery change Percent ascent rate indicator Function for clearing residual nitrogen memory Function for disabling audible alarms Fresh water / seawater setting (default fresh). Function for disabling “uncontrolled ascent” feature Recording of dive errors in memory Underwater behavior analysis (u.b.a.) signal marks display

Technical characteristics Display protected by scratch-resistant mineral glass Two push-buttons for selecting functions (Mares patent) Powered by a single 1.5 Volt AAA alkaline battery Audible alarms Visual alarms Quartz calendar clock Dive timer Maximum operating depth : 150 m /500 feet Maximum depth of first decompression stop: 24 m / 80 feet Operating temperature: from -10 to +50°C Storage temperature: from -20 to +70°C Mission 2S

Console instruments: pressure gauge with 45 mm dial, Surveyor computer Case material: shock-resistant elastomer Hose: 7/16" UNF length 90 cm Dimensions: 150x65x40 mm (5.90”x2.56”x1.58) Weight: 690 g

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