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Suunto Dive Computers COBRA Ingenious Air, Nitrox and Gauge instrument with air integration With Cobra you can get more enjoyment out of your diving. Suunto Cobra combines several technological innovations into one product.
It is the only air integrated dive computer with Air, Nitrox and Gauge mode complete with profile memory on the market. In addition to the extensive information you have got used in the Vyper, Cobra displays cylinder pressure and estimated remaining air-time. The air-consumption of a dive is stored as a used pressure value in the logbook memory for future reference.

Cobra offers the new Suunto Reduced Gradient Bubble Model (RGBM) which is a unique algorithm for predicting both dissolved and free gas in the blood and tissues of divers. This development combines the latest knowledge in diving technology with the classic Haldane model. The advantage of the RGBM is its ability to adapt on-line to a wide variety of diving situations. For added safety also Cobra features the original Suunto innovation, separate three-step personal and altitude adjustments. Cobra has a unique push-button advisory system which makes Cobra extremely easy to use when choosing the different functions of the computer. Future dives can be simulated with the comprehensive dive planning and simulation functions. In simulation mode Cobra reproduces the data display complete with audible alarms.

The electroluminescent illumination lights up automatically when an important alarm is given. The extensive logbook and profile memory has a default sampling rate of 20 seconds providing 36-hours of memory which records all the important dive data. The Cobra`s sampling rate can also be set to 10, 30 and 60 seconds according to personal preference with the optional PC-interface and its software. With the 60 seconds sampling rate you can achieve up to 100 hours logbook and profile memory. All the logbook information can be read from the display or can be downloaded to a PC with the interface unit. Bookmarks can be placed in the profile memory to highlight events during the dive.

Cobra also has a life-time history memory storing the total number of dives, dive hours and maximum depth ever reached. The Cobra features also user selectable metric or imperial measurement units. The battery is user-replaceable and easy to change. Cobra has an ergonomic design and fits easily into your hand. The computer can be fitted with the SK-7 compass set in a new housing, especially designed for the Cobra COMPASS SUITABLE FOR ZONE 1

MAIN FEATURES - Air, Nitrox and Gauge modes - Extensive memory functions - Built in dive simulator - Easy and reliable push-buttons - User replaceable battery - PC interface (sold separately, not included with the cobra) - Adjustable Suunto RGBM model -dive computer with full decompression capability -Complete dive functions -Dive planning -Extensive memory functions -Dive alarms (maximum depth, dive time) -Nitrox mode for use with 21-50% oxygen -Adjustable PO2 limit 1.2-1.6 bar -Electroluminescent illumination -Dive logbook capacity: 36 hours -Include metric and imperial system.

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