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Suunto Dive Computers The Favor S is an ideal choice for sports divers who do not require a PC interface or simulation features. Favor S is designed to give the specifics of any diving situation, including decompression, at a glance. It shows the ascent rate with a four step color coded ascent rate indicator.
Both visual and audible alarms are given when necessary. USEFUL MEMORY AND LOGBOOK FUNCTIONS In addition to the basic dive information, the logbook memory stores the nine most recent dives, displays dive starting time and date, minimum no- decompression time or maximum ascent time and temperature at maximum depth. Further the dive history up to 999 dives and 999 dive hours is kept in memory, as well as the maximum depth ever reached. The Favor S also has a built in calendar clock that displays time and date, even when the computer is in energy saving mode.

PHOSPHORESCENT LCD DISPLAY Favor S is equipped with a new super bright phosphorescent LCD display, which can be charged with a dive light, providing long lasting illumination of the display in dark conditions. The Favor S can be worn as a wrist unit, or mounted in Suunto’s combo consoles. MAIN FEATURES - complete decompression stop data - 9 dive logbook memory - lifetime history memory - multi-step ascent rate indicator - combined personal/altitude adjustment 0-2400 m - calendar clock - new phosphorescent display illumination - depth display range 0-90 m - audible alarm - display shield - available in blue or orange colour

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