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Octopus II dive computer offers means of enhancing diver's safety by providing accurate and constant reading of the most important dive parameters. It is a simple and easy to use computer and perfect as a back-up instrument.
The actual depth, dive time and maximum depth are recorded accurately. The distinct, needle-type ascent rate meter allows you to monitor your ascent rate and helps to avoid too rapid ascents. Octopus II continually monitors and calculates nitrogen uptake and its elimination based on the actual dive profile, not on static tables. It constantly tracks the no-decompression time remaining. Octopus II is not intended for decompression diving, if you end up in a decompression situation it shows a distinct decompression dive (ASC TIME) symbol and an upward pointing arrow instructs you to ascent.

At the surface the computer keeps track of the surface interval and in the Planning Mode automatically calculates diver’s adjusted no-decompression limits. The dives are recorded in the history and logbook memories of the Octopus II. It also features the personal adjustment function.

Octopus II has a large digit phosphorescent LCD display. With only a few seconds’ illumination from an independent light source, its contrast is the most exceptional on the market, not only in poor light but also in conditions of brightness and glare. Octopus II is available as a wrist unit with a display shield or can be mounted on a two- or three-gauge console.

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