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Suunto Dive Computers SUUNTO VYTEC – MULTIGAS DECOMPRESSION COMPUTER WITH OPTIONAL WIRELESS TRANSMISSION The Suunto Vytec is a versatile full decompression computer for the advanced diver. Its three operating modes, ability to set multiple gasses and its optional wireless pressure transmission probably makes it the most feature-rich dive computer on the market.
The Vytec provides a wide range of operating modes and settings that can be set to suit every diver’s needs with an easy-to-operate user interface. Operating mode specific displays, reliable push-buttons and a clear display add to user friendliness.


The Suunto Vytec has three operating modes: Air, Nitrox and Gauge. The Air mode is for using standard air only, the Nitrox mode for use with up to three nitrox mixes containing 20-99% oxygen and the Gauge mode for use as simple bottomtimer. The Suunto Vytec uses an adjustable Suunto RGBM model for decompression calculations.


The Suunto Vytec enables the technically oriented diver to switch gases during the dive. When in Nitrox mode the user can preset up to three different gas-mixes containing 21-99% oxygen. Preferred gas mixes can be stored as default (e.g. EAN32, EAN50, EAN99), and be set ON or OFF for each dive, or modified as needed. The Suunto Vytec provides easy and reliable gas switching between enabled gases during the dive. Gas switching is allowed only for gases that lie within chosen maximum PO2 limits. CNS and OTU values are displayed using a Oxygen Limit Fraction (OLF) bar graph.


The Suunto Vytec is available with an optional wireless pressure transmitter that can easily be attached to the high-pressure port. The wireless operation can easily be enabled or disabled in the Vytec’s settings. With the wireless transmission enabled the Vytec displays tank pressure and calculates remaining air time based on current gas consumption. The wireless transmission can be used in Air, Nitrox and Gauge modes. The pressure transmitter is 300bar (4000psi) compatible, and has user replaceable battery.


In Gauge mode the Vytec works as a bottom timer also providing accurate profile sampling and bookmarking functions. A dive timer with reset function also displays the dive time in minutes and seconds, a feature extremely useful for timing accurate bottom times and decompression stops.


Air, Nitrox and Gauge modes Gas switching (3 mixes 21-99%) Optional wireless pressure transmission Extensive memory functions Built in dive simulator Easy and reliable push-buttons User replaceable battery PC interface compatible Adjustable Suunto RGBM model

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