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Suunto Dive Computers VYPER
Three instruments in one. Air, Nitrox and Gauge.
Vyper features full decompression capabilities and combines several technological innovations into one product. Vyper offers everything a diver could possibly need for diving with standard Air or nitrox mixes. It can also be used as a depth gauge and timer with profile memory, making it ideal for professional and technical diving applications. Vyper features a unique advisory system that guides the user. The SMART and scroll push buttons give easy access to the multiple functions of the computer, both in and out of the water.

Based on experience acquired over many years from the study of saturation technology, Suunto has carefully fine tuned the mathematical model behind its computers. The Suunto Reduced Gradient Bubble Model (RGBM) used in the Vyper is a modern algorithm for tracking both dissolved and free gas in blood and tissues of divers performing a wide variety of maneuvers.

Vyper offers multitude of advanced features. Its built-in dive simulator shows how various situations are displayed on the screen, where and how data is displayed, and what kind of visual and audible alarms will appear. Dive planning function allows to plan repetitive dives accurately. You can enter the surface interval increments, view the no-decompression times for the next dive and even simulate the future dive with the simulator. For added safety Vyper features also the original Suunto innovation, separate three-step personal and altitude adjustments . By this function divers can take into account multitude of factors and conditions affecting the dive.

The Vyper has unbeatable advanced memory functions. The life-time history memory stores the total number of dives, dive hours and maximum depth ever reached. The vast logbook and profile memory (36-hours at 20 seconds sampling rate) records all the important dive data. Vyper´s sampling rate can be set between 10 to 60 seconds according to personal preference. Bookmarks can be placed in the profile memory to highlight events during the dive. All the logbook information can be downloaded to a PC with the interface unit.

Vyper features a high-definition electroluminescent backlight, which is activated by the SMART button. The backlight can be set to be on for 5 to 30 seconds according to preference, or it can be totally disabled. When set to the on-position, the backlight illuminates the display when alarms are given.

The battery is user-replaceable and easy to change.

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