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Uwatec Dive Computers The Aladin Air has the same adaptive decompression model thats used in the Aladin Air Z. The Aladin Air monitors gas saturation in your body based on your personal behavior and diving environment.
For example, microbubble build up can result from doing multiple ascents in rescue training. Alternatively, multiple dives on liveaboard boats over a few days can cause microbubble build up. In both these situations the Aladin Air considers your actual diving behavior and if necessary, recommends that you complete a short decompression stop. It will tell you exactly what depth and length of time to stop, having already predicted the amount of air that you need to complete the stop.

The Aladin Air includes other features such as a dive planner which allows you to preplan your next dive and a surface interval. The Aladin Air is downloadable to DataTrak. The Aladin Air console has an ingenious quick disconnect system making it effortless to remove from the high pressure hose. This allows the diver to remove the computer from the regulator for easy downloading to a laptop, palmtop or PC. This also makes it much more convenient to secure and care for your dive computer.

-Auto Turn On/Off. -Displays tank pressure (bar-psi). -User adjustable tank reserve pressure (Through Ddtatrack). -Auto altitude compensation 0 - 4,000m (13,000ft). -Altitude adaptation time -Displays altitude sector. -Pre Dive Planner (allows input of planned surface interval). -Decompression dive planner. -Dive depth 0-99m (0-330ft). -Dive time. -Maximum depth. -No stops time. -Adaptive decompression model Bühlmann ZH-L8 ADT. -Required deepest deco stop (depth). - Required deepest deco stop (time). -Remaining dive time at current depth (RBT).

-Graphic hour RBT display. -Low air warning -Total time to ascend . Variable ascent rate 7-20m/min (23-67ft/min). -Percent of allowable ascent speed. -No stop time is less than 1 alarm . RBT is less than 3 alarm . -RBT less than 0 alarm. -High breathing rate alarm (High Air Consumption). -Ignored decompression stop alarm. -Ascent faster than 120% alarm. -Ascent faster than 140% alarm. -Ascent faster than 160% alarm. -Ascent faster than 180% alarm. -Missed decompression stop instructions. -Desaturation time. -No fly icon and time

-Surface interval . -Logbook containing 19 dives (37 via PC Through Ddtatrack). -Quantity of air used . -Cautions diver on high microbubble levels . -Long life battery replaceable by manufacturer.- -Percent of remaining battery life. - User switchable metric/imperial (Through Ddtatrack). -User adjustable air consumption warning (Through Ddtatrack). -Quick disconnect HP hose fitting . DataTrak downloadable .

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