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Uwatec Dive Computers The Air Z o2 is an adaptive computer that can be used in conjunction with conventional open circuit scuba or a Semi Closed Rebreather (SCR). When it is used with a SCR in conjunction with the oxy2, the Air Z o2 provides the SCR diver with the data required in real time to monitor on line, the actual gas composition being breathed.
This is important as actual O2 usage depends on the diver’s metabolism. High workloads require a higher supply of O2 than light workloads. So, the actual gas mixture in the rebreather depends on the premixed gas, selected flow and the diver’s O2 consumption (workload). Without a reliable measuring device, the diver has to rely on an estimated gas mix. Now, he knows the actual O2 fraction in the gas mix that he is breathing and the exact partial pressure of O2. With reliable O2 measurement and appropriate warnings, it’s possible to optimize SCR gasflow to improve the performance and subsequent bottom time.

Protective screen shield Illuminated display Compact transmitter Auto Turn On/Off Automatic premix detection for SCRs with oxy2 Displays tank pressure - bar (psi) User adjustable tank reserve pressure Auto altitude compensation 0 - 4,000m (13,000ft) Altitude adaptation time Dive depth 0-99m (0-330ft) Dive time Maximum depth No stops time Adaptive decompression model Bühlmann ZH-L8 ADT Required deepest deco stop (depth) Required deepest deco stop (time) Open Circuit Scuba remaining bottom time at current depth (RBT) Open Circuit Scuba low air warning

Total time to ascend Variable ascent rate 7-20m/min (23-67ft/min) No stop time is less than 1 alarm Open circuit scuba RBT is less than 3 alarm sound Open circuit scuba RBT less than 0 alarm Open circuit scuba high breathing rate alarm SCR high breathing rate alarm Open circuit scuba loss of transmission alarm SCR loss of transmission alarm Ignored decompression stop alarm Ascent faster than 120% alarm Ascent faster than 140% alarm Ascent faster than 160% alarm Ascent faster than 180% alarm Open circuit scuba pO2 max has been reached alarm SCR pO2 max has been reached alarm Open circuit scuba CNS 02 percentage has reached 75% alarm

Open circuit scuba CNS 02 percentage has reached 100% alarm SCR CNS O2 percentage has reached 100% alarm SCR Oxygen fraction below 19% alarm One SCR O2 sensor inoperative Both SCR O2 sensors inoperative Missed decompression stop instructions Desaturation time No fly icon and time Surface interval Logbook containing 19 dives (37 via PC) Logbook containing 60 hours via Memo Mouse Quantity of air used Measures water temperature Cautions diver on high microbubble levels Long life battery Percent of remaining battery life User switchable metric/imperial Open circuit scuba user adjustable air consumption warning SCR adjustable sensitivity for workload detection with oxy2 (DataTalk) SCR adjustable warning for pO2 with oxy2 Can be used without transmitter (tank data suspended)

Open circuit scuba easy to change oxygen mix percent from 21% to 99% SCR O2 percentage 0 - 99% SCR O2 Partial Pressure 0 – 2.5 bar (ATA) O2 Adjustable maximum oxygen partial pressure of Oxygen (pO2) via a PC Optional DataTrak software indicates O2 fraction DataTrak downloadable

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