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Uwatec Dive Computers The Aladin Air Z nitrox diving computer has been designed for diving on Nitrox(oxygen/nitrogen mix with a max. of 50% O2) and air(21% O2). The diving computer displays the level of oxygen toxicity(CN O2%) and gives out warnings on oxygen toxicity and on high oxygen partial pressure(ppO2).
Without exchanging the diving computer a diver can dive on different mixtures(Nitrox and compressed air) during the day. Using the dive planner a diver can determine the best mix for for a certain maximum depth and/or find out the maximum operation depth(MOD) for a given mix.

The Aladin Air-Z is a wrist-mounted, interactive dive computer with a remote tank mounted transmitter. The Air-Z uses the adaptive decompression model developedby Professor Bühlmann in conjunction with Uwatec AG. Until the application of this model in the Aladin Air-Z, many of the divers physiological processes hadnt been considered by dive computers. Now it has become possible to specify a decompression parameter based on behavioral and environmental conditions of the diver. For normal dives (without high risk situations), the decompression data is no more conservative than conventional dive computers.

With the Aladin Air-Z, if a diver gets into a high risk situation, then an update of the decompression model may be necessary, perhaps giving the diver a brief decompression stop. In order to do this the Aladin Air-Z constantly monitors environmental conditions, like water temperature. It also monitors behavior, such as actual ascent rates, repetitive dives, diver workloads and breathing rates in the adaptive Bühlmann model to maximize your diving pleasure.

Protective screen shield Illuminated display Compact transmitter Auto Turn On/Off Displays tank pressure - bar (psi) User adjustable tank reserve pressure Auto altitude compensation 0 - 4,000m (13,000ft) Altitude adaptation time Displays altitude sector Pre Dive Planner (allows input of planned surface interval) Decompression dive planner Dive depth 0-99m (0-330ft) Dive time Maximum depth No stops time Adaptive decompression model Bühlmann ZH-L8 ADT Required deepest deco stop (depth) Required deepest deco stop (time) Remaining dive time at current depth (RBT) Low air warning Total time to ascend Variable ascent rate 7-20m/min (23-67ft/min) Percent of allowable ascent speed No stop time is less than 1 alarm RBT is less than 3 alarm RBT less than 0 alarm High breathing rate alarm (High Air Consumption) Loss of transmission alarm Ignored decompression stop alarm Ascent faster than 120% alarm Ascent faster than 140% alarm Ascent faster than 160% alarm Ascent faster than 180% alarm Missed decompression stop instructions Desaturation time No fly icon and time Surface interval

Logbook containing 19 dives (37 via PC) Logbook containing 60 hours via Memo Mouse Quantity of air used Measures water temperature Cautions diver on high microbubble levels Long life battery Percent of remaining battery life User switchable metric/imperial User adjustable air consumption warning Can be used without transmitter (tank data suspended) DataTrak downloadable

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