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Uwatec Dive Computers Sharing many of the features of the Aladin Pro, the Aladin Sport Plus is a multi-level dive computer that is designed for recreational divers. The Aladin Sport Plus also introduces the benefits of ZH-L8ADT adaptive Bühlmann algorithm (in all Uwatec Aladin dive computers) which modifies your decompression schedule according to actual dive behavior.
To maximize your no decompression limit, it includes a variable ascent rate that allows faster ascent at depth, with slower ascents nearer the surface. The Aladin Sport Plus is very popular among divers who wish to avoid any decompression stops. But should the need occur, the Aladin Sport Plus will show the diver exactly when to stop and when to continue with your ascent.

The Aladin Sport Plus continuously displays the no decompression stop time as well as your current depth, maximum depth and elapsed dive time. The Aladin Sport Plus even warns if you are ascending too fast for the allowable ascent rate, at any given depth. To keep everything as clear as possible, the Aladin Sport Plus displays the important information as the diver needs it. This makes the Uwatec Aladin Sport Plus the ideal dive computer for novice and experienced recreational divers.

Protective screen shield Illuminated display Auto turn on/off Auto altitude compensation 0 - 4,000m (13,000 ft) Altitude adaptation time Displays altitude sector Pre Dive Planner (allows input of planned surface interval) Dive depth 0-99m (0-330ft) Dive time Maximum depth No stops time

Adaptive decompression model Bühlmann ZH-L8ADT Required deepest deco stop (depth) Variable ascent rate 7-20m/min (23-67ft/min) Fast ascent warning Percent of allowable ascent speed Missed decompression stop instructions Desaturation time No fly icon and time Surface interval Logbook containing 19 dives (37 via PC) Logbook containing 60 hours via Memo Mouse Cautions diver on high microbubble levels Long life battery Percent of remaining battery life User switchable metric/imperial DataTrak downloadable

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