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Uwatec Dive Computers Total Recall
With the DataTrak for Windows software package you'll receive a compact, portable storage device called a Memo Mouse. This device allows you to store up to 66 hours of diving information from your Aladin dive computer wherever you go diving.
And wherever you go diving you’ll only need to take one because files from your dive buddy’s Aladin can also be downloaded to the device. When all the information is displayed later you’ll be amazed at the clarity because all the data has been recorded at 20 second intervals for maximum resolution.

With an Aladin dive computer, DataTrak for Windows software package and your PC you can store, retrieve, analyse and even print a record of every dive.

Move the mouse pointer to any point on the dive graph. It shows your depth, elapsed dive time and the maximum depth. Owners of Aladin Pros or higher will also see the time of the next decompression stop, and total time required for ascent. When a Nitrox computer is connected, the CNS status is also indicated.

Fast ascents and any missed deco stops are clearly indicated.

DataTrak displays your nitrogen saturation in eight different groups of tissues, and indicates whether they are saturating or desaturating. And it also displays your level of accumulated nitrogen microbubbles in your system after every dive.

DataTrak displays any excessive skin cooling that’s been detected by your Aladin’s unique sensors.

All this information as well as the date, time of the dive and the water temperature are logged automatically.

The Windows version of DataTrak allows you to display, analyze and print dive profiles and statistics from a personal computer with the greatest of ease.

You can download the latest version DataTrak for Windows by clicking on the image opposite. It includes an example file log that contains 20 different dives for you to experience and it can display your information in Spanish, French, English and German as well as Metric and Imperial.

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