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Uwatec Dive Computers The Smart COM is an air integrated computer that provides the diver with advanced warning of the air requirements that are necessary to complete an ascent and any decompression stops.

And because it monitors the divers breathing and changes in the rate of breathing, the Smart COM can adjust the divers decompression status according to the workload. If a diver is working hard underwater, then the Smart COM, anticipates that the diver may "in gas" additional nitrogen, and may ask the diver to compensate for this by doing an extra decompression stop.
The Smart COM is Nitrox compatible and it includes a Nitrox dive planner.

The Smart COM also features microbubble suppression. With this feature divers are now able to select any one of 5 different levels of suppression, to minimise microbubble formation that can occur from repetitive diving that may result from having a Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO).

Microbubble Suppression, reduces the long term soft tissue damage that can occur from constant exposure to microbubbles. Protective screen shield Illuminated display Auto Turn On/Off Displays tank pressure - bar (psi) User adjustable tank reserve for RBT-calculation User adjustable Microbubble Suppression Auto altitude compensation 0 - 4,000m (13,000ft) Altitude adaptation time Displays altitude sector Prohibited Altitude Advice Nitrox Dive planner Dive depth 0-120m (0-395ft) Display ambient and water temperature Dive time Maximum depth No stop time

Adaptive decompression model Bühlmann ZH-L8 ADT MB Required deepest deco stop (depth) Required deepest deco stop (time) Integrates level stops and deco stops Remaining dive time at current depth (RBT) User adjustable low air warning Total time to ascend including deco and level stop data Variable ascent rate 7-20m/min (23-67ft/min) No stop time is less than 1 minute alarm RBT is less than 3 minutes alarm RBT less than 0 minute alarm High breathing rate alarm (High Air Consumption) Ignored decompression stop alarm Warns if level stop is ignored "Cascading" microbubble levels Ascent faster than 110% alarm Ascent faster than 140% alarm Ascent faster than 160% alarm Ascent faster than 180% alarm

PPO2 max has been reached alarm CNS 02 percentage has reached 75% alarm CNS 02 percentage has reached 100% alarm Missed decompression stop instructions Displays on the surface of reduced MB-Level Desaturation time No fly icon and time Surface interval Logbook contains 50 hours of diving Quantity of air used Measures water temperature Cautions diver on high microbubble levels Long life battery Percent of remaining battery life User switchable metric/imperial User adjustable workload warning Easy to change oxygen mix from 21% to 100% Oxygen mix percentage display Adjustable maximum oxygen partial pressure (ppO2) via SmartTrak CNS clock is adjusted by O2 uptake according to workload Included Smart TRAK software indicates O2 fraction Adjustable backlight durationl Adjustable Depth limit alarm via SmartTrak Adjustable Premix reset via SmartTrak Gauge mode Buzzer suppression in Smart TRAK SmartTrak compatible - CD included Infrared Communication (IrDA) with SmartTrak

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