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Cressi Dive Instruments The Archimede Console has been designed to fit the Cressi Archimede computer in a modern console, which stands out from similar products on the market due to its design, dimensions and weight.
Technical features

·Two-instrument console ·Materials: polycarbonate and desmopan ·Mini-pressure gauge with chrome-plated brass casing ·Glass that acts also as high-pressure valve ·Face with scale of up to 350 bars ·Red, green, light blue colored sectors ·Diameter casing: 50 mm ·Height of instrument: 17 cm

·Archimede console removable from the console to use on wrist ·Access to battery compartment and reset button without disassembling the instrument from the console ·Replaceable display protection ·Possibility to use air or nitrox with up to 50% oxygen ·PO2 adjustable between 1.0 and 1.6 bars ·Bar graphs for nitrogen and oxygen saturation levels ·Backlit display ·UFDS face ·Simulator ·Logbook with three data displays + dive profile (without interface) for each dive ·N° dives that can be recorded in the logbook: up to 60, complete with all data ·Past memory (total dives, max. depth, dive hours) ·Console weight complete with HP hose and 2 instruments: 440 g

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