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Cressi Dive Mask The Marea has a comfortable fit, a good seal to the face, a wide field of view and easy adjustment of strap tension and position.
The Mareas comfortable fit is due to its skirt. Supple silicone (clear or glitter Black), the skirt gently conforms to facial contours without pinching the skin. This is further enhanced by the wide, double feathered seal - which also prevents water entry. The silicone is hypoallergenic and is resistant to breakdown by sunlight and ozone. The Marea is also comfortable to look through. The low volume skirt design positions the twin lenses close to the eyes, offering a wide field of view (nearly 90 degrees). With the transparent, clear silicone skirt, the Marea also offers increased peripheral vision. However, if you would rather avoid distraction at the edge of your vision, choose the black silicone skirt. The fact that the Marea is low volume offers two additional benefits. First, it makes the mask easier to clear and, second, it creates less drag underwater. One of the reasons the Marea is so low volume is the goggle-shaped lens frame - the nose is accommodated in a pocket in the skirt, below the frame. There is plenty of room between the edges of the frame and the pocket so you can easily grip your nose with gloved fingers when you need to clear your ears. The Mareas silicone strap has a split design so it will stay in position on the back of your head. You can also adjust the angle of this strap with the buckle which swivels 45 degrees. The Mareas buckles are made entirely of non-corrodible plastic.

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