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Cressi Dive Mask Minima, as the name indicates, is a very small mask based on the studies made to create the Galileo goggles. Of course, the design has been extensively revised and adapted to a real mask.
Minima has a special skirt that sticks like a suction cup to the divers face, leaving very little room for air inside the mask. Compensating these minimum volumes and removing the very small amount of air from the lungs is simplicity itself. The front lenses of Minima are made from optic glass, welded during the moulding phases to a clear mounting made from special thermoplastic, which is then welded to the colored polycarbonate frame. These lenses are 3/10 of a millimeter thicker than the traditional mask lenses so they can undergo a super-resistant tempering process. If the glass accidentally breaks, it will not shatter into tiny pieces that are dangerous to the eye, but will collapse, remaining whole, very similar to the windscreen of a car. The lens-eye distance of Minima is the smallest found in all the diving masks on the market. So the vision that results from this, even with the small lenses is excellent. Lastly, the strap has instantly adjustable buckles, like all the Cressi-sub masks.

Minima also comes in a black version, designed for fishermen, photographers, cameramen, and the lenses are black to prevent the side entry of interfering light. Who it is designed for In the first place, for skin-divers as Minima is a perfect mask for deep diving, thanks to the easy compensation unheard of until now. The very small distance between eye and lens also ensures excellent vision.

Minima is also perfect as a mask for snorkeling and thanks to its very light weight and small size, for trips abroad. It is also very suitable as an extra mask for technical dives and for underwater photography and filming where the very small lens-eye distance provides a wide vision of the area framed through the viewfinder.

Special features and strong points Very small internal volume Very small lens-eye distance Excellent all-round vision Thicker, special tempered glass lenses Easy nose seal for compensation Perfect fit for most faces Instantly adjustable buckles Available in clear or dark silicon, with different colored or black frames

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