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Cressi Dive Mask These masks offer a broader visual experience and incredible comfort. The design is futuristic: a low profile, low volume plus spring loaded, quick adjustable strap buckles inset into the mask for a streamline effect.
Because the masks are low volume, they are easy to clear and require just the slightest exhale to equalize pressure as you descend. Because the masks have a low profile, there is almost no resistance as you move through the water. This makes them perfect for divers, snorkellers and free divers. The lenses sits very close to the wearers face, providing a very wide viewing area. This means no more tunnel vision.

The silicone skirt has a double flange for a comfortable seal against the face and allows for easy access to the nose pocket, even with gloved fingers. The skirt and mask straps are very supple and readily seal against your face. The skirt has a double flange design that seals securily and comfortably. Although the silicone is very soft it retains enough rigidity to seal to your face, even if it gets bumped. Whether you select the ultra soft dark (steel grey) or clear silicone, both are hypo-allergenic and resistant to the effects of salinity, ultaviolet light and ozone.

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