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Mares Dive Mask The Lirica — an innovative shape that revolutionizes underwater vision. The mask window projects downward and out to the sides, drastically reducing the blind spots in the lower field of vision. The diver’s gaze thus extends to regions which traditional masks cannot reach.
Its original and very luminous styling frames the face without distorting its features. The rounded corners and colored inserts of the frame give the Lirica a fresh, sparkling, modern look. The quick-adjusting swivel buckles are recessed to ensure adherence of the mask strap to the sides of the head. The higher placement of the strap attachments facilitates underwater mask clearing (Mares patent). The wide lip seal and the roomy nose pocket ensure maximum comfort and an optimal fit on every face shape. The Lirica gained honorable mention as a sports product for Mares at the Golden Compass Awards of the IDA (Industrial Design Association).

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