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Apeks Regulators The DS4 First stage. The performance of the DS4 first stage is the same as the TX-40 and 50 first stage (DST first stage )but has no swivel turret for the LP ports 4 MP ports 3/8 UNF 1 HP port 7/16 UNF Available in 200BAR/3000 PSI Yoke or 300B/4260PSI DIN System.
The new ATX50 second stage is smaller and 25% lighter than its TX50 predecessor. This results in less jaw fatigue and less drag. Improved exhaust gas flow reduces exhalation resistance and therefore, the overall work of breathing of the regulator. The ATX50 second stage uses a pneumatically balanced valve system and is the most advanced diver adjustable breathing system available. The ATX50 has ergonomically designed diver adjustable controls for opening effort and venturi assistance allowing the diver to tune the breathing characteristics of the regulator to give virtually ideal breathing. No fixed or present system can achieve an ideal level of breathing performance under all conditions. The ATX50 second stage is suitable for use in all diving conditions. Because of its high efficiency heat exchanger system, it can cope with even the coldest conditions without freezing, makking the perfect all round regulator. Comes standard with the Comfo-bit mouthpiece for increased comfort.

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