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Aqualung Regulators First Stage COUSTEAU (DIN available) T-shaped balanced diaphragm mechanism Constant breathing comfort at any cylinder pressure or depth. New high pressure seat The new seat material ensures improved sealing of the valve/seat system, giving stable performance under all climatic conditions (polar or tropical). 4 Low Pressure ports and 2 High Pressure ports To match all situations and to allow the fitting of all accessories (BC inflator, dry suit inflator, octopus. Air Turbo System on 3 of the 4 LP ports This breathing assistance gives automatic injection and guarantees improved LP stability.
NEW HP SEAT The polymer used has mechanical properties which considerably enhance the seal made by the valve and the seat. It also overcomes slight imperfections in the condition of the seat surface. The new seat is made from polymer and metal and is designed to function perfectly at very high pressures (300 bars*) and also with enriched air mixtures and to offer a longer working life. Additionally, the polymer remains stable under all climatic conditions (polar or tropical). Second Stage GLACIA Downstream valve design Lever displaced out of air flow Thermal barrier Heat exchangers (patented) Surface treatment
*Warning: Certain working pressures require special types of tanks and valve connectors.
**Warning: Diving in cold waters requires special training given by a qualified body.

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