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Aqualung Regulators The Legend is a more affordable way to own high performance. Its for the discriminating diver who wants performance but would rather not use a breathing control adjustment knob.
Legend 1st Stage
An over-balanced first stage results in superior performance at all depths. A black, polyurethane sheath protects the exterior metal surfaces from damage. An environmental dry chamber (comes standard on all Legend models) not only resists regulator freezing but also allows for a fully sealed first stage. All internal chambers remain clean and dry. An Air Turbo System found on the primary port makes the regulator more responsive to a divers breathing demands. The two high-pressure ports and four low-pressure ports are angled for optimal hose configuration.

Legend 2nd Stage
A pneumatically balanced second stage makes this a superior breather at all depths and conditions. The venturi lever is large and easy to use even with gloved hands. The compact, lightweight second stage virtually eliminates jaw fatigue. Comes with a Comfo-bite mouthpiece, a standard spare mouthpiece and a reusable mouthpiece clamp.

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