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Aqualung Regulators The high pressure seat is suitable for use at 300 bar(with DIN connector). First stage : In-line balanced diaphragm mechanism Constant breathing comfort at any tank pressure or depth, combined with compact size. New high pressure seat New seat material gives improved airtightness of the valve/seat system, giving stable performance under all climatic conditions (polar or tropical).4 MP outlets and one HP outlet To match all situations and to allow the fitting of all accessories (BC inflator, dry suit inflator, octopus and high pressure gauge). Air Turbo System This breathing assistance gives automatic injection and guarantees improved MP stability. Perfect direction angles for the MP and HP hoses Simple and easy prepositioned hose management. Second stage: New LX compact, lightweight 2nd stage; Pneumatically balanced 2nd stage for high performance; Easy to grip Venturi Adjustment Lever; Comfo-Biteā„¢ mouthpiece

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