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Cressi Regulators A brief outline of the current production of Cressi-sub regulators. First of all, we would like to make it clear that the ICETECH regulator in the 2001 Cressi-sub catalogue is none other than AIRTECH: the name has changed but the regulator is still the same, and it recently became a permanent part of production.
AIRPLUS is a second new regulator, presented as an innovation for the 2002 season and already in production (the technical specifications are attached to this text).
So the Airtech and Airplus regulators are the two novelties for 2002.

The Airplus regulator has the same first stage as Airtech. A choice can be made between the latest, more sophisticated version of the tried and tested Cressi piston balanced 1st stage, or the innovative Cressi membrane 1st stage (hyper-balanced). The technical features of these two first stages can be found in the information already provided with Airtech.

Conversely, the Airplus second stage is new. Its aesthetic design is identical to the Airtech, but there is no adjusting system of the inhalation effort. So, we have the same very strong housing made from reinforced thermoplastics, the same front cap with titanium inserts, the same “dive – pre-dive” flow control valve to adjust the Venturi effect, the same exhaust valve with new side covers to prevent water infiltration caused by side currents, high dives into the water or sudden movements of the head and the exhaust tee itself.

What distinguishes Airtech from Airplus is the internal regulating system. Airtech has a new central piston system, pneumatically balanced, with central air outlet, whereas Airplus uses the same side valve system as XS Plus.

Both are downstream systems, but otherwise there are very few similarities. We have already talked about the balanced and adjustable system of Airtech.

However, it is worth emphasizing that while Airplus uses the same components as XS Plus, the new main body has a side opening in line with the poppet, protected by a screw-top cap. We can unscrew this cap with an ordinary 6mm Allen key to then adjust the height of the airflow lever using a special 5.5mm crown screwdriver on the self-blocking nut of the poppet.

Why is this innovation so important? Because it makes it extremely easy to calibrate the second stage. Basically, we can unscrew the side cap and use the special crown screwdriver to quickly and accurately make any precision adjustments with the regulator already connected to the tank and under pressure.

As you can see, we are continuing our philosophy of making all maintenance of the Cressi regulators increasingly simple and economic, and from this point of view we have reached an unequalled level in the market. Full maintenance of the Airplus second stage truly requires a few moments only: changing the disk without having to dismantle the poppet, precision calibration with the regulator connected and under pressure.

We would also like to point out that the intermediate pressure on all Cressi first stages can be adjusted externally.

All these advantages are much appreciated by dive centers and schools as they make it possible to always keep the equipment fine-tuned and efficient, with rapid and economic maintenance operations.

The regulator comes with a new mouthpiece, specifically designed to offer maximum comfort even during prolonged use.

Main features and strong points

- 2nd stage comes with cap with titanium inserts
- housing made from special reinforced high-tech polymers
- lever height can be adjusted through special opening in housing with regulator connected and under pressure
- disk can be replaced without dismantling poppet
- adjustable orifice
- adjustment of the Venturi effect through flow control valve
- exhaust valve with side covers to prevent water infiltration in the event of side current, jumps into water or sudden movements
- new mouthpiece


Balanced diaphragm 1st stage Airplus Working pressure (INT connection) 0-232 bar (0-3365 psi) Working pressure (DIN connection) 0-300 bar (0-4350 psi) Calibration pressure 9.2-9.6 bar (134-140 psi) Calibration adjustment range +/- 0.5 bar (+/- 7.2 psi) Air supply 3000 l/min (*) High pressure seats (HP) 2 Low pressure seats (LP) 4

Balanced piston 1st stage Airplus Working pressure (INT connection) 0-232 bar (0-3365 psi) Working pressure (DIN connection) 0-300 bar (0-4350 psi) Calibration pressure 9.5-10 bar (138-146 psi) Calibration adjustment range +/- 0.5 bar (+/- 7.2 psi) Air supply 2800 l/min (*) High pressure seats (HP) 2 Low pressure seats (LP) 5 (*) values measured at LP seat outlet with 2nd stage connected and 150 bar (2175 psi) pressure in the cylinders.

2nd stage Airplus Working pressure (INT connection) 0-232 bar (0-3365 psi) Calibration pressure 0-300 bar (0-4350 psi) Average inhalation effort (*) 6 mbar Average exhalation effort (*) 13 mbar Average breathing work (*) 1.1 J/l Air supply 1200 l/m Weight (without hose) 220 g (*) Values measured in compliance with UNI EN 250 standards.


The new Airtech octopus joins the well-known XS octopus. It has all the features of the Airtech balanced and adjustable 2nd stage, but a front cap with yellow hi-tech polymer inserts to distinguish it from the main second stage.

See the Airtech specifications for the technical features.

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