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Cressi Regulators Compact, lightweight conventional 1st stage which gives similar performance to a balanced piston model. • First class materials, extremely easy to use and maintain. • 2 pairs of low pressure ports; pre-angled to ensure perfect connection with 2nd stage connectors and instruments, making diving more comfortable.
Quick and easy to adjust thanks to Cressi’s exclusive rotating ring nut system - the only one of its kind. The device can be calibrated quickly and accurately using a special key without dismantling the regulator. • Powerful internal conical filter with 200% greater filtering power than standard flat models.• Maximum air capacity 2,100 litres/minute thanks to new wider hoses. • Rod and DIN type connectors (200 and 300 bar) are fully interchangeable and easy to replace. • Satin finish. Brand new model made from the best possible materials with a range of specially developed technical innovations. • New, larger high-tech-polymer injector delivers air directly to the mouthpiece. • Cressi-sub I.B.I. (Internal Balance Injection) system.• Flow control valve which exploits the significant Venturi effect created by the I.B.I. system to the full. • New profile of nozzle on/off lever creates a perfect seal with the membrane disk. The significant fulcrum and absence of friction let air flow freely. • Inhalation effort reduced to a minimum, even in the most challenging conditions. • Large purge valve and purge hose with new internal design guarantee outstanding performance (see P/V diagram). • Awarded CE mark, having passed rigorous UNI EN 250 European standards at all diving temperatures (as low as 4°C). • Attractively designed cap with screw-type catch and special lock.XS2 e

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