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Cressi Regulators 1st stage • New interstage pressure control system with hexagonal key, exclusive to Cressi-sub: regulator can be adjusted without taking it apart, making it even more practical. • Shock-proof rubber mouthpiece with new adjustment screw. • Brand new disk housing. • Anti-extrusion ring on 1st stage OR, for improved piston maintenance & performance. • Perfectly balanced piston for outstanding performance, regardless of depth and tank pressure. • Thermo-plastic mouthpiece between piston and spring, reducing galvanic oxidation through contact to the bare minimum. • Rotating part with 5 pre-angled low pressure ports, ensuring that regulator and instrument connectors are always in the right position. • Chrome-plated brass and stainless steel hardware: hard-wearing & easy to service thanks to simple design and outstanding materials. 2st stage Top-of-the range regulator with exclusive new features: best ever performance reduces inhalation effort to unheard-of levels. • Downstream 2nd stage provides immediate, powerful air flow in response to minimum inhalation effort.

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