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Mares Regulators Abyss is the top-performing regulator, the technical product embodying the latest underwater breathing innovations. Designed to meet the severe U.S. Navy specifications, it has proven it can substantially exceed them.
The diaphragm first stage features the DFC system and a replaceable HP seat connector. This innovative first stage valve - the result of years of research and open water trials all over the world - ensures superior resistance to wear, even with 300 bar (4.350 psi) systems. Compact body, in a modern and smart style, it is made of hot-forged nickel-plated and chromed brass. It is fitted with a preferential intermediate pressure port for connection to the primary second stage, plus 3 other LP ports and 2 HP ports. The latter are inclined at a 45° angle to allow a more rational layout of hoses. Abyss second stage, with its V.A.D. system, is made of nickel and chrome-plated brass. This material offers a number of benefits:absolute ruggedness and thinner walls, hence compact dimensions obtained without using smaller-diameter diaphragms; this results in reduced water drag. Anti-freeze function, which is enhanced by the "radiator action" of the metal. The second stage features the new "turbo flow" system for water flowing in and out, which affords a further increase in performance. Furthermore, the compact and ergonomic exhaust tee ensures superior hydrodynamic performance and reduced exhalation resistance.

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