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Mares Regulators "All titanium" technology for divers who want the best.
Ti-Planet first stage
A new design, conceived to make the most of the noble material from which it is constructed. The hose ports are ergonomically positioned around the first stage block. The all metal construction and the heat transfer fins ensure maximum thermal exchange, for improved performance at low temperatures. SCS valve - with titanium construction, of course. Top level performance is assured by the DFC system which minimizes the intermediate pressure drop under even the most extreme conditions.

Ti-Planet second stage
Designed for optimal light weight and mechanical resistance.The reinforced technopolymer construction with titanium inserts facilitates thermal exchange, for improved diving performance even in particularly cold water. All the functional metal components, including the front coverplate, are constructed from titanium.The water flow through the diaphragm is controlled by a circular side opening which permits high flow rates and minimizes undesirable dynamic effects, even in the presence of strong currents.

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