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Mares Regulators State-of-the-art technical solutions for an evolving tradition. Mares pursues the "all-metal" concept with V16, which combine the most advanced technological innovations with the traditional metal construction in the second stage.
V16 First Stage
The V16 first stage offers a perfect combination of technology, style and ergonomics. The balanced diaphragm design features the highly innovative SCS (Spherical Core Seal) valve closure system, in the Titan version. The piston shuts off the flow of air by means of an extremely durable titanium hemisphere, unassailable by oil or grease. Performance is assured by the DFC system. The brand new yoke is the ultimate expression of a perfect design, produced using state-of-the-art CAD systems for development and structural analysis. Attention to detail is expressed in the new "soft grip" dual-material knob which, in addition to providing a distinctive look, ensures an easy and effective grip in all conditions. There are 6 pre-positioned ports: 2 HP ports for a submersible pressure gauge and the transmission unit of an air-integrated computer, and 4 LP ports. Soft-touch shock protection and scratchproof coating also add to the list of features.

Orbiter Second Stage
A compact, rugged and technologically advanced "all metal" second stage featuring the VAD (Vortex Assisted Design) system. The body is made from high-impact chrome and nickel-plated brass, while the innovative metal cover design features an enhanced version of the exclusive "Mesh Grid" system. In fact, the Orbiter 2nd stage incorporates the "Mesh Grid" system "orbitally" around the front coverplate, for further improvement in performance

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