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Scubapro Regulators MK 18 Available in 200BAR/3000 PSI Yoke or DIN System First Stage Balanced Diaphragm** Delivers air in a consistent manner, regardless of tank pressure. PASS (Piston Assisted Seat System) Provides better airflow, even in high demand situations. Hemispheric Storage Chamber (HSC)*** Provides quick response to air demand. Thermal Insulating System (TIS) Patented anti-freeze system.
Completely Sealed From Harsh Diving Environments. ** Balanced Diaphragm This regulator is completely sealed to provide unparalleled performance in challenging environments and provides consistent air delivery regardless of tank pressure. *** Hemispheric Storage Chamber This exclusive SCUBAPRO feature provides a “Venturi” effect that assists in the opening and closing of the high-pressure valve. In addition, the air storage space maintains a reserve supply that stores air between breaths. The result is an extremely fast response to the diver’s demand for air.

R190 2nd stage is compatible with all current SCUBAPRO first stages.
Designed with the serious sport diver in mind, the R190 combines a time-tested, fourth-generation downstream design with rugged construction and dependability. Classic Downstream Valve. Diver-Adjustable VIVA (Venturi Initiated Vacuum Assist) Diver can adjust for optimal airflow. Anti-Set Design Purge button feature helps ensure longer seat life and more consistent performance. Reversible LP Hose Attachment for custom regulator configurations.

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