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Scubapro Suit Monosuit Pacific New, advanced formula kneepadsTPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber). Compression molded combination zipper flap/spine pad. Metal main zipper slider . Nylon zip extension at the base of all back zippers. The 7mm and the 5mm suit have wrist and ankle zipper. TPF icon ( Thermal Protection Factor). The TPF icon found on all Scubapro wetsuits represents a very useful formula to help divers choose the best wetsuit for their intended diving conditions. To use the TPF system , subtract the TPF rating of the wetsuit from your normal body temperature of 98.6º F( 36º5C).The result will be the lowest water temperature in degrees Fahrenheit recommended for that suit combination. TPF for Pacific monosuit 7mm=40 for the 5mm=30 for the 3mm=24

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